EVSE Maintenance Training

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The FACTOR CENTER by Field Advantage

The FACTOR Center aims to create a modern EVSE maintenance technician training facility, centrally located, with a blended learning environment.

We aim to make EVSE certification inclusive, accessible, and attainable for those pursuing careers as EVSE technicians. The unique approach will bring stability and harmonization to the EV Industry by providing cross-EVSE manufacturer training and certification in one location.

EVSE Classroom Instruction

Students participate in instructor-led classroom sessions where theoretical concepts on NEVI qualified EVSE equipment is introduced, discussed and explained.

EVSE Hands-on Workshops and Certification

Practical training sessions in simulated environments enable students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios on actual EVSE equipment. Several different EVSE Units from a number of OEMs will be available to the students. This will enable some of the hands-on requirement that many EVSE manufacturers require to help maintain EV infrastructure reliability.

Continued Online Learning Modules

Supplement in-person sessions with self-paced online modules. allowing certified EVSE maintenance technicians to review relevant content at their own pace and facilitate continued education. Also, available will be EVSE OEM updates regarding new EVSE units or changes.