About Us, Our Ideas, Our Vision

A company with strong values and a vision to empower an industry

Our Mission

To become the number one technology solution in America by providing technology services with unparalleled skill and customer service twenty-four hours a day.

Our Vision

Field Advantage gives enterprise help desks all the amenities of home at the national level. We are working to become the industry leader for successful execution of comprehensive IT deployments.

Company Profile

Field Advantage started its roots in Duluth, MN in the summer of 2007.  The company began as an IT service provider catered to clients needing evening and weekend service.  In the spring of 2009, Field Advantage’s CEO, John-Paul Damico, expanded the company to 9 locations across MN and WI. In the Fall of 2010, Damico took what he learned from the regional expansion and started the national expansion.  By 2011, Field Advantage had expanded to over 100 locations nationwide.

In 2013 the company headquarters was moved from Northern Minnesota to Norfolk, Virginia. It was at this time that the company began focusing heavily on commercial services as its footprint, over 250 markets now, was able to provide turn-key solutions to enterprise clients.

“There have been a lot of ups and downs rolling our services out all over the country. When a company is expanding as rapidly as we are, there is bound to be growing pains. We evaluate and streamline our processes and workflow on a daily basis.” Damico said.

In 2017 the company rebranded itself as Field Advantage as it had shifted its focus from after hours support to an enterprise field solutions provider.  Field Advantage is a 24 hour on-site technology service that specializes in the retail and entertainment industry.  Technicians are now all over the country (all 50 states) servicing commercial and enterprise clients.

Damico said, “We are unique because our technicians have flexible schedules and our overhead is extremely low. This means we can be less expensive than our competitors and service our clients on their time frame.”

When asked why Damico named it Field Advantage, he replied “Because at the national level, it is extremely difficult to have the support and expertise where home-base might be.  With highly skilled technicians and unparalleled client services, we provide the client with that home field advantage that they are looking for.”


Always giving the home Field Advantage