We are a national IT field services company.

Centrally located with our headquarters in northeast Tennessee, we
work in all 50 states.

What Makes Us an Exceptional IT Field Services Partner?

17+ Years in the Industry

We have helped thousands of clients reach their technology goals with large deployments, site surveys, day-to-day field IT maintenance, and more.

A Nationwide Network Of Field Technicians

With 2,000+ technicians in our network we have a presence in every market. We are there, when and where you need us.

4-Hour Service Level Agreement Capability

For critical infrastructure and essential systems, we guarantee a 4-hour SLA for parts and technician deployment, supported by our nationwide network of forward stocking locations.

The Field Advantage Journey

The FACTOR (Field Advantage Corporate Training & Operations Resource ) Center located on the Field Advantage Campus in Kingsport, Tennessee.

2007: Originally called After Hours Computer, Field Advantage was founded in Duluth, MN. The Company started with a single presence in Duluth and then expanded to the surrounding region.

2010: The company saw its largest expansion as it went from regionally in the midwest to over 200 locations across the country.

2013: Field Advantage moved headquarters from Minnesota to Virginia. Pushing further into the business to business space.

2017: The name officially changes from After Hours to Field Advantage. The official name change signifies the closure of the home services part of the brand and a greater focus on enterprise level businesses.

2023: Purchase of the FACTOR Center and Field Advantage Home Campus located in Northeastern Tennessee.

We are Woman Owned

As a nationally recognized IT company, we take immense pride in being women-owned and led. Our journey is defined by breaking barriers and shattering glass ceilings in the male-dominated tech industry. With a commitment to innovation and inclusivity, we bring a fresh perspective to the table, harnessing the power of diverse voices and ideas.

Our women-led leadership fosters a dynamic and empowering work environment, nurturing talent and fostering growth. This distinctive identity drives us to not only provide top-notch IT solutions but also strive to: Champion diversity, inspire future generations, and create a more equitable tech landscape for all

Women Owned IT Field Services Company
Clare West COO and Owner of Field Advantage