Concerned about EV Charger Station up-time?

We are here to help! With our nationwide network of over 2,000 technicians, we are just a phone call away from getting your station up and running. From commissioning onward we are here to focus on the reliability and maintenance of your EV charging equipment.

We work on Payment Systems Level 2 Chargers DCFC Chargers Cellular Networks Cable Replacements Touch Screens 

Our EVSE Commissioning, Repair and Maintenance Services

Customers won't notice up-time, but they will remember when your locations are experiencing outages or down-time. Our goal is to help you seamlessly provide the reliability your customers have become used to when driving gas powered vehicles. We offer nationwide onsite coverage 24/7 with 4-hour SLA capability, remote support, traveling teams, and dedicated van technicians. We are here to help with equipment updates/roll-outs, ongoing repair and maintenance, and commissioning.

EV level 2 charging unit.

EV Charging Station Repair & Maintenance

4-Hour SLA Capability

We all know how downtime can negatively impact a charging station. Our team of energy handling technologists can help maintain installed units across the US with capability for a 4-hour SLA making your up-time, our priority.

Interior of an EVSE unit. The unit is opened to work on.

Level 2 & Level 3 (DCFC)

Onsite EVSE Certified Technicians Nationwide

Our skilled onsite coverage spans the nation. Being hardware and software agnostic, our technicians are trained and certified by most of the major EVSE manufacturers.

Field Advantage EV Charging Station Maintenance Image

Commissioning, Deployments & rollouts

large scale technical project help

Our team is ready to assist with large-scale projects under tight deadlines. We have the expertise to ensure succesful roll-outs and deployments, helping your team achieve their goals. Additionally, we can commission EVSE units, enabling your installation teams to stay focused.

Field Advantage conducting a site survey at an EV charging station.

Site & Cellular

We can be your feet on the street

Why are accurate and detailed charger station surveys important? They provide visibility, create a baseline, and allow for streamlined deployments. Our EV technologists are ready to document, check, and maintain EV charging stations across the nation.

Network Operations Center (NOC) monitoring available 24-hours a day, 7-days per week.


Your Crew is Busy, let us keep an eye on things

We understand that IT teams have priorities beyond continuously overseeing your IT infrastructure. That's where we come in. Our experienced technologists seamlessly integrate with your IT department, offering round-the clock NOC services.

Forward stocking locations (FSL) and a centralized warehouse ready across the nation for inventory management.

Forward Stocking & Parts Warhouse

Nationwide Forward Stocking Locations

Essential to any repair services is the availability of parts. we have and maintain our central warehouse in Tennessee while managing hundreds of forward stocking locations across the US. We strive to keep parts nearby whenever our technicians need them.

EV Charger Support

Elite Services

Traveling Technologists

Create specialized teams to tackle highly technical projects. We can work with you to ensure any specific certifications, training or equipment is available to any specialized teams.

Dedicated Solutions Lab

Set up a solutions lab around your specific technology stack at our corporate headquarters

Repair Depot

Our parts & hardware depot service allowing necessary components reach our technicians quickly, reducing total ticket SLA.

Deliverables Matter

The smallest numbers can lead to the biggest changes through effective data collection, analysis, and visualization. We will work with you on deliverables that meet your needs and work our own magic to exceed your expectations. 

We have advanced capability with API, data visualization, imaging and custom requests. 

Most of all we want you to get everything you request of us in the way in which you are expecting to receive it.

Data visualization and deliverables

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