We Provide Agnostic Onsite Support for Restaurants

Envision the simplicity of managing all your IT needs with a single point of contact. At Field Advantage, we offer a comprehensive IT support solutions customized for restaurants. With over 2,000 specialized technicians in our network we can serve-up onsite support within hours.

We work on POS Interactive Menus  IoT The Network Self Serve Kiosks Digital Displays EV Charging 

IT Services Tailored for the Restaurant Industry

Maintaining a modern multi-location business can be daunting, whether it involves opening a new restaurant or updating systems across all locations. We are here to support and assist with any and all of your IT needs, from the back of the house to the front. Our goal is to help you and your team focus on what is most important: your customers.

IT services for the whole restaurant.

Onsite IT Support for the Whole Restaurant

4-Hour SLA Capability

We are here when your teams need us the most. We know the restaurant industry is fast paced and needs to operate flawlessly. We can assist by keeping your technology running smoothly and with little interruption. POS, digital menu boards, guest networks, and any of the emerging IoT technology installed to monitor your establishments.

Restaurant POS and order placing technology repair and maintenance.

POS Installation & Maintenance

2,000+ Technicians Nationwide

Our extensive onsite coverage spans across the nation. Because we are hardware and software agnostic, our technicians are trained and certified across a number of the most popular POS solutions. We are here to assist with pay at the table, self serve kiosks, and traditional POS experiences.

Restaurant self ordering or self-serve kiosks with interactive menus.

& rollouts

Our experience Lets us streamline

From as simple as a few locations to as complex as a nationwide network, each roll-out or deployment takes data, planning, coordination and capable people in the right places to help execute. Our experienced coordinators are able to work with you to help ensure your roll-out is fully optimized and deployed according to schedule.

Site Technology Surveys

Site & cellular

We can be your feet on the Street

We are your boots on the ground and eyes in the field. With our nationwide network, we can check in on your locations for preventative maintenance, checking in on existing systems, and help plan for a major upgrade or deployment. We are able to conduct site surveys to your specifications and deliver a comprehensive view of your multi-site business.

Services for restaurant IoT include refrigeration and temperature monitoring devices.

IoT Installation &

We know data is the future

Measuring and gathering data is becoming increasingly important to businesses in the restaurant industry and beyond. We know insights pave the way for operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. We are here to help install and maintain and connect the array of IoT devices being deployed across your ecosystem.

Forward stocking locations (FSL) and a centralized warehouse ready across the nation for inventory management.

Parts warehousing
& forward stocking

200+ forward stocking locations Nationwide

It is our mission to make sure each of our technicians have ready access to the parts and equipment needed to serve our clients. With our centrally located main warehouse we are able to send equipment and parts to any of our 250+ forward stocking locations.

Onsite Restaurant (including QSR & Fast Casual) IT Support

Elite Services

Traveling Technologists

Create specialized teams to tackle highly technical projects. We can work with you to ensure any specific certifications, training or equipment is available to any specialized teams.

Dedicated Solutions Lab

Set up a solutions lab around your specific technology stack at our corporate headquarters

Repair Depot

Our parts & hardware depot service allowing necessary components to get in the hands of our techs quickly and narrowing total ticket SLA.

Deliverables Matter

From the smallest numbers come the biggest changes and it all lies within tracking as well as the science of data visualization. We will work with you on deliverables that meet your needs and work our own magic to exceed your expectations. 

We have advanced capability with API, data visualization, imaging and custom requests. 

Most of all we want you to get everything you request of us in the way in which you are expecting to receive it. 

Data visualization and deliverables

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