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Navigating the future of IT

At Field Advantage, we understand that national organizations need nationwide coverage but with the amenities provided by their headquarters.  Our services ensure that our clients receive mobile technology support anywhere in the country.  We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best quality service as well as a strategic advantage in the field.

With our wide array of service offerings, we are not just a service provider but a partner in the digital age.  We understand no single task is the same, which is why we provide customized solutions to meet our client’s needs.

At Field Advantage, our knowledgeable and skilled project managers and installation technicians are experts in managing and executing comprehensive IT deployments.

Nationwide CoverageQuality technicians at a moment's notice

Site Surveys

Field Advantage provides site surveys for many of our clients. In certain instances, a site survey may be needed for documentation purposes only. However, it is our experience that most site surveys act as the prerequisite for infrastructure upgrades. Site surveys are critical for identifying potential issues early so that the installation can be executed quickly and efficiently. Our technicians are trained to photograph and document key findings as well as identify any possible problems that may need to be resolved before installation takes place.  We understand that accurate site surveys are critical to the success for national deployments, and are instrumental in allowing our clients the ability to identify any issues that may arise before the day of installation.


Also known as rollouts, Field Advantage understands that deployments can be as simple as a few locations or as complex as thousands of sites nationwide. Regardless of the scope, we are committed to ensuring our clients receive the best possible service and support. We assign a senior project manager for each deployment project, and our senior project managers ensure that each technician has the correct credentials and experience to guarantee quality and help eliminate errors. At Field Advantage, we never leave a job unfinished and our comprehensive methods for deployment scheduling and implementation have made us a leader in the industry.

Creative SolutionsCustomized strategies save time and money

Digital Menu Boards and Signage

Technology has come a long way. Gone are the days of climbing up ladders and posting menu items with large plastic letters.  This process can now be completely automated due to the emergence and affordability of large high resolution monitors.  A digital menu makes it easy to switch out items, change prices, or cater to different times of the day. Field Advantage technicians will prepare the worksite, install the equipment, and calibrate the monitors.

Network Installations

With the Internet of Things (IOT) revolutionizing the way we do business, properly functioning network equipment is fundamental to keeping those digital signals operational.  Our Field Advantage technicians are trained to install new or replacement network gear, as well as create new cable runs and configure connected equipment.  Our technicians also document and label existing networks to help ensure improved remote network support.

Petroleum IndustryAdvancing an industry with their technological transition

EMV Upgrade

Transitioning every pump in the US to accept EMV is an incredibly large undertaking.  Field Advantage has a national team of technicians specifically trained in the right technology for this type of upgrade.  We are bridging the divide that traditional pump tech companies are lacking.  In short, trust our IT experts to handle the technology and cloud conversion with on site as well as remote support.

Managed Cloud

Along with the EMV upgrade, the petroleum industry is working towards managing the pumps from a centralized cloud infrastructure.  Field Advantage takes the guess work out of this process.  Our technicians understand the underlying infrastructure and are experts in this type of conversion.  With our exhaustive national network of technicians, all stores can finally have the service they have been asking for.

Experienced TechniciansYears of experience increases efficiency

Cable Management

At Field Advantage, we understand how important cable management is. Running cable properly is not simply for aesthetics. Professional cable runs ensure easy troubleshooting should problems arise. Our technicians are trained to confirm that every cable is secure, labelled, and properly terminated.

POS Maintenance

Point of Sale systems are vital for any retail company.  At Field Advantage, we understand that Network, POS, or Printer issues are never welcome, especially during your busiest seasons.  Our periodic preventative maintenance services will help ensure the longevity of your POS units as well as identify any issues before they become a major problem.

Dedicated Project ManagersKeeping logistics organized

Special Teams

At Field Advantage, we understand that consistency is paramount for any successful deployment, and more complicated deployments require additional levels of support. To that end, we provide specialized Field Experts—specifically trained for each client deployment—for our more complex projects. These technicians will travel anywhere in the country to perform the tasks needed.  This white glove service provides our clients with, not only a consistent product, but a mobile solution for expanded reach.

Warranty Support

We are experienced with working with many retailers as their onsite warranty provider.  We understand that our clients who purchase additional warranties expect quick service from knowledgeable technicians.  Our Field Advantage technicians are highly skilled in diagnosing problems and if a warranty issue is discovered, will take immediate action remedy the problem.  We understand that resolutions can come in many ways; maintenance, parts replacement, and sometimes entire unit swaps may be necessary. At Field Advantage, we work with our clients and the end users to make sure that both parties are more than satisfied.

Twenty-Four/Seven SupportAround the clock service for an industry that never sleeps

Remote Support

Our Field Advantage Remote Support Technicians are available 24/7 and can respond much faster than traditional onsite technicians, therefore helping reduce downtime. This translates to cost-effectiveness and time savings and allows our clients the ability to focus on what matters—their business. Additionally, this service is also is part of the industry’s green initiative focusing on lowering carbon emissions of traveling technicians.

Data Center Support

Our Field Advantage Data Center Technicians are experienced in supporting and troubleshooting your equipment, no matter where it may be housed. We understand that the beauty of data centers are both their redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities.  When that redundancy is initiated due to failure, Field Advantage is there to repair or replace the equipment as needed.  Field Advantage can also support clients in the transition from onsite servers to cloud infrastructure.


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