The FACTOR CENTER by Field Advantage

The FACTOR Center is a sophisticated, centrally-located training hub committed to advancing technical excellence across a variety of key areas, particularly focusing on Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, fuel control technologies, and networking solutions.

Our core objective is to develop well-rounded professionals skilled in these specialized domains, equipping them to navigate the rapidly changing technological landscape of the energy dispensing sector. Utilizing a blended learning approach that integrates hands-on practice with theoretical study, we offer a robust training experience that addresses a wide range of technological needs.

As an additional offering, the FACTOR Center also provides comprehensive Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) certification programs. We leverage our cross-industry training model to incorporate EVSE certifications, thus bringing a unique standardization to this emerging field. The aim is not only to instill proficiency in these specific areas but also to create synergies between various technical competencies, thereby enriching the overall training landscape.

Classroom Instruction

Students participate in instructor-led classroom sessions where theoretical and practical concepts on POS, Networking, Fuel Controllers, and Level 2 and DCFC (specifically NEVI qualified) EVSE equipment is introduced, discussed and explained.

Hands-on Workshops and Certification

Practical training sessions in simulated environments enable students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios on actual equipment. Several different labs and testing equipment from a number of OEMs will be available to the students. This will enable some of the hands-on requirements that many  manufacturers specify to help maintain infrastructure reliability.

Continued Online Learning Modules

Supplement in-person sessions with self-paced online modules. allowing certified maintenance technicians to review relevant content at their own pace and facilitate continued education. Also available, will be OEM updates regarding new models or changes.